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“Before the Sunrise” which was produced by Ciza is an inspirational & motivational track that everyone who listens can relate to and enjoy. This is the first single of the year and a follow up to “Eyan Orubebe” which was released last year, it’s a single off his 10 tracker EP “The Street Born Boy” slated to be released later this year.

X pensive whose real names are Olaniyan Damilola Samuel is a Linguistics and Nigerian Languages student of Ekiti State University.

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  1. I swear ya dah best
    Like you don turn Olamide bossboss
    I love you back to back
    Boss mi
    I beg more oh
    Your music Na pill

  2. Comment:ehh
    Olamide boss
    you no fit read

    with what I just downloaded and listen to..
    he’s the boss of all here…


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